Wednesday, January 30, 2019

As it so often happens, visitors asked to have a moleben served which I am always pleased to do.  In addition, there were many emails that had to be answered, as I hate to postpone the answering in fear of forgetting all about them, yet each person deserves a prompt response.  Yesterday I neglected to mention that I purchased yellow tinted clip-on glasses, not so much for daytime driving, but rather at night when oncoming glaring lights are bothersome, and particularly so when it is raining.  What a difference they made and what greater confidence they gave me, so now I have left them in the Jeep to be used whenever necessary.  We have been warned about the cold weather that we are supposed to have next week but there is little that we can do to prepare for it. February can be a fierce month so let us pray that we will be spared its ferocity.

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