Today’s highlight was the visit to my doctor’s office. I kept postponing it until finally I could stand it no longer. The operation had on my right hip earlier this year was successful and now, just as the surgeon had said, the left one began. I was sent to be x-rayed and the surgeon notified that I was ready for the operation on my left hip. Now I have only to wait until I am informed of the procedure. The workmen who were to have come to empty the septic tank were unable to do so but they should be here tomorrow morning. Apparently the problem we have been having is connected with the wet carpet from the broadcasting room which is now being dried. I hope that the problem can be resolved. I do know that on Sundays the water pump keeps running in the basement, as water is needed in the three toilets and the kitchen sink. I would like to ask people to economize on the use of water and not let the faucets run non stop while washing or cleaning. We want to be water-conservation conscious. It is interesting to note that the BBC sent a reporter to Canada to see what the most pressing issue is in this year’s election and the answer was the environment. Let us apply this to the monastery and economize on the use of water, reduce the amount of garbage, and recycle properly.

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