There was a telephone call from Florida this morning and I was certain that it was Father Vasili calling. The first thing that came to my mind was that perhaps another hurricane was threatening them, or even worse, but no, he was anxious to know how all of us were and, after reading about the replenishing of the mouse stations [as they are called], he hoped that on his next visit to us he would not have to worry about the little creatures popping up from who knows where. Thank you—personally I am feeling better, as I could tell when I fell into a sound and long nap this afternoon, which I never do otherwise, so, tomorrow will be a post recovery day with all sorts of activity that I had to avoid the past while. Mind you, some of the activity will not be on my part, as people are coming to empty the septic tank and to see if they can find the reason for last week’s blockage of the sewer. Father Moses said that recently he found a baby’s diaper clogging one of the toilets and that is a NO NO! I really do not understand what is the cause of many of these difficulties, as we plead, we warn, we put up signs, yet some things are just ignored or not understood. A good example was when a large garbage bag was removed from its container on Sunday and, as it was being taken away, a trail of liquid spread across the carpet and into the kitchen, because some people throw away cups half full of coffee into the garbage bags instead of into the sink. Poor Kirill had to get down on his hands and knees to scrub the carpet before the messy liquid could become dry.

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