The long awaited truck arrived to empty the septic tank and this procedure did not take long, with some advice given on how to treat the tank.  I sincerely hope that at least some of the problems that we have had will now disappear.  One interesting piece of advice was to not use anti bacterial soap, as it can kill the necessary bacteria in the septic system.  After having taken the medication prescribed by my doctor I have felt a little groggy, but at least it has lessened the pain.  Our Thursday morning ladies were here and they made us a pot of borshch, a pot of buckwheat kasha, and some fried fish, what could be thought of as a wholesome meal or two.  Our evening visitors prepared more fish and salad, so that we had a nutritious supper that was attended by a few of the people who had come to the Narcotics Anonymous meeting and stayed behind to join us at the table.  The atmosphere was so bright and jolly that I did not even once think  about any pain.  Perhaps this is what I like about life here at the monastery, that is, people join us not only in church services, but also at mealtime for fellowship. 

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