BRRRRRR!!! That is the best way to describe today’s weather.  Bright—yes.  Sunny—yes.  Windy—yes.  Pleasant—no.  Allow me to repeat myself—BRRRR.  Perhaps a lot of this has to do with one’s attitude—yes.  Now we can turn our attention to the use of complete sentences.  In order to complete today’s procedure, I was given a strong dose of a morphine derived medicine and it seemed to accomplish  what I most needed, that is, less pain.  You might be surprised at the lack of my knowledge in using      mobile telephones.  I might have pressed a doodad or gizmo on my phone and it rang only once before I realized that I had made an error and quickly ended the call.  Moments later, my nephew Jeff was returning this call while riding in a taxi from the Edmonton Airport to the city.  I could see see his face and in the upper right hand corner was my own face.  As old Avdotia Gavrilovna would have said, “This must be the work of the demons”.  Returning to the story, I had such a wonderful time with my relatives over the weekend and, as I was told, Anita, Cheryl and Nicole, among others, faithfully read each day’s diary entry.  I hope they do this  because of interest rather than because of boredom. While in town, Andy bought a special Lebanese treat for Vladika Lazar, but by the time he returned to the monastery, Nine [his beautiful black dog] had eaten it all. Perhaps the moral of this episode is that you should not leave any Lebanese treats in the presence of black dogs!   

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