I had forgotten how friendly and polite people are at the Cancer Clinic, that is, both staff and patients.  It is almost as if there is a competition to see who would be first to open doors for those in wheelchairs or to do other acts of kindness.  This can really be a reassurance of mankind’s altruism, particularly when you see a frail old granny holding open a door for a young, but tough looking, motorcyclist on crutches.  I cannot say that I was thrilled with the prognosis given to me about my condition, as it would appear that I have a year or so left to enjoy being a creature of God’s mercy and love.  Being aware of this, I can now concentrate on the important aspects of life and remove myself from frivolous matters. Some of the pious women, friends of the monastery, came this morning to prepare a meal for our guests.  We ourselves find it difficult now to prepare such meals, so this help is accepted with gratitude.  Today was the last fast free day of this year, the Nativity Fast officially beginning on the day after tomorrow.  It is a stumbling block for many people, particularly when there are office parties and other such events to attend and, as a result, many simply disregard the entire fast.  It would be wise to speak to your parish priest about this problem rather than pretending that it does not exist.  A sincere discussion over a cup of tea can do wonders.

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