Now that we have begun the Nativity Fast, let us take it seriously.  Remember that the fasts are not here to punish us, but rather to strengthen us, to enlighten us and to bring us to a true spiritual frame of mind.  The average person will probably think, “What does all that mean?”  To the spiritually blind it will mean nothing or very little, while those who are spiritually advanced it will mean that we are all sinful and are trying to work out our salvation.  And, we do not accept the nonsensical idea of “once saved, always saved.” You are possibly acquainted with the expression “when it rains, it pours” well this occurred recently when I was given a pair of knitted slippers, only to realize that today, after an absence of several years, I was given two pairs of knitted socks.  Please take note that I have enough for the rest of my life.

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