I can hardly believe it—a day without any rain. Still, more rain is forecast for the next few days.  Andy took the repaired tractor lawn mower and cut the grass at the monument in the field and in other places as well.  A handful of plants suffered from the heat and got scorched but the rest survived.  All the berries have stopped producing except for the raspberries, which puzzles me.  The rain did not affect them and there are still branches loaded with berries.  We are eating the apples from some of our trees, even though the bears ate most of them.  Father Shio gave us some khachapouri, a famous Georgian food that someone had prepared for him.  The filling consisted of mashed brown beans and it was delicious, reminding me of the piroshki my  mother used to make, but she used white beans and we ate them with melted butter and honey.  What a treat that was, as I relived my childhood with such great pleasure and, what is more, there are still a few pieces left for tomorrow!

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