Usually the first thing that I do when I arise in the morning is to glance out the bedroom window.  A kind woman sewed drapes for it but I never close them since there is no one who would peek through the window.  In all the years I have lived here, only once did a troubled young man, who stayed with us for a while, knocked on the window so that I would let him in, as he was having mental anguish and had to talk to someone.  Getting back to my story, I glanced out the window and saw dozens of white mushrooms not far from where the wild blackberries had been cut down recently.  What a great fortune, I thought to myself, feeling that they were surely the edible type.  Then, when I put on my glasses I could clearly see that they were not mushrooms but the underside of the wild blackberry leaves and my thoughts of an omelette with mushrooms suddenly vanished.  Instead breakfast consisted of rolled oats with blackberries, which was more than satisfactory.  Vladika Lazar just told me that the Narcotics Anonymous meeting was a huge success tonight with more than forty people in attendance. God bless them all for their perseverance and determination, as it surely must be a difficult journey they are experiencing.

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