Our friend Davey has bought two more trucks and is now in the process of incorporating himself into a  private company.  This is a comforting thought for us not only because he is a friend of the monastery, but also because if we get stranded in the middle of a snow storm, he can pull us out.  I suppose it is a selfish way of looking at this, but we have been grateful over the years for his help in pulling us out of snowdrifts.  According to the long range forecasts, we should be having a mild winter with less than average snow.  It will not be long before we can verify this forecast.  For the past couple of days, a young Filipino care giver has come to help me prepare for the night.  I appreciate his sense of humour and even if there is not much that he has to do for me, his professional manner is  comforting.  Andy showed me the icon of Saint Andrew that Father Moses has made for him.  Even if I looked at it through the eyes of an art critic, there was much that was  positive and I felt that Andy was appreciative of this gift, for Andy’s birthday will fall on Friday, if I am not mistaken.  One of Father Moses’ goals has been  the education of people in the  correct styles of iconography  and he is thrilled when he finds someone who receptive.  I must end this entry now, for my eyelids are becoming heavy or, as they say, the eyelids are lined with lead.  Anyhow, there will be another diary entry tomorrow night and more in the future, as long as I have the ability to carry on with this small outreach.  Noapta buona si visi placuta [good night and pleasant dreams]—in Romanian and sorry for the errors in spelling.

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