I did not feel very strong this morning, so I rested and kept warm in the cottage.   It was a pleasure to hear that some people came for the festive Liturgy on the feast of Saint Nicholas when Father Shio served together with Vladika Lazar.  Father Moses said that  he was somewhat confused when Father Shio served in Georgian but, in the end, they did well.   The ladies made certain that I was taken some food which I did eat, particularly enjoying the potato vareniki.  Is it not amazing how we can find people from all walks of life when one least expects to.  As an example, one of the morning caregivers casually mentioned that she is a part owner of a company that instructs in how to rescue people from plane crashes and how to instruct those flying in small planes in how to free themselves in similar circumstances.  As you can probably tell, I like meeting people from various ethnic backgrounds and professions, even though I must strike people as being fairly shy. 

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