I am trying something different today by having Father Moses sitting next to me while we look up things of interest common to us such as the Old Believer headquarters  in Moscow, then answering emails that we received from South America and Europe.  Then, I asked him to help me with today’s Dairy entry so, here are some words of wisdom from him, “Are you kidding?  You want me to say something? Everybody shape up! Please add an exclamation mark, ha ha.”  There are the words of wisdom you have been waiting for.  Elena and her son Paramon dropped in for a visit and I have trouble realizing how much he has grown  since we first met his family many years ago when he was a small altar boy.  Both he and his sister Xenia are not only intelligent, but also gifted in music and receivers of many scholarships.  Congratulations! We quietly remembered someone’s birthday today, but as he is bashful, nothing much was said or done and, for obvious reasons, I will not bother to mention his name. In the meantime., goodnight!!!   

One thought to “TUESDAY 17 DECEMBER 2019”

  1. A prosperous and peaceful life,
    full of blessing and joy,
    health and salvation
    and good success in all things,
    grant o Lord, to Thy servant father Moses,
    and keep him for many years.

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