Liudmila came to help us today and immediately we put her to work, the first thing was to launder the towels and sheets, after which she found cobwebs everywhere in the laundry room and, being a typical woman, she had to brush them away and do other cleaning.  I do not know if it is of interest to anyone what we had for supper, but I will tell you anyhow.  I made a cold cucumber soup [super!] with fried potatoes and onions, while Liudmila made a potful of buckwheat kasha and a tossed salad. Father Shio ate with us and we enjoyed the meal.  Vladika Lazar just informed me that his You Tube channel has received 1,250,000 hits [views].  Congratulations, Vladika, on your media outreach. May God grant you many more years of such activity.

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