Father Moses and I had to drive to Abbotsford today and, while there, we stopped at the public library, one of our favourite places.  Before we even managed to get out of the Jeep, an old acquaintance came up to greet us.  We had not seen him for about ten years and how nice it was to make a connection again.  While sitting in the reading room, a young woman sat across from me, wearing a pair of jeans in the popular fashion of ripped knees with only a few threads across the huge holes.  In my days, they would not have been worn to even weed the garden or to milk the cows, but  nowadays days, they can cost a little fortune.  Such is the power of fashion.  I was happy that I could, without even one cane, walk to the raspberry and blackberry patch to pick some berries.  Next will be an attempt to pick blueberries in the field which should be ripe. Since they are never fertilized or sprayed, they are completely organic and  wonderfully sweet and juicy.

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