I doubt if today could have been a more perfect day.  A few people came in the morning to greet me on my birthday, then later in the afternoon they began pouring in and soon we sat down to eat all the food that was brought. We ate in the dining room off the kitchen because the Narcotics Anonymous group was to meet in the hall and we did not want to disturb the arrangement.  It turned out, however, that the table was not enough, so another one was brought in and placed at the head of the two adjoining tables.  Soon, the kitchen table was pulled up so that there could be room for those who came later.  Yet another table was brought in so that these tables stretched right into the kitchen.  Each group that arrived  brought more food thus enabling us to have main dishes after desserts, then again main dishes followed by sweets.  Keep in mind that some of sat for four hours during this mealtime, yet it felt old fashioned, as it was in village life where people could drop in at any time and made to feel welcome.  There was singing and many toasts which, if they could come true, I would live to at least one hundred and fifty years. The many bouquets of flowers that were presented will be taken into the church and they should stay fresh for Sunday’s service.  I was truly touched by the love and devotion shown by these wonderful people and I can only thank our Lord Jesus Christ for sending us such pious and God loving souls.  May God grant all of you Many Years.

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