This day is coming to an end and I just hope that there will not be another one like it.  Halycia, the homecare worker, arrived punctually to help both of us, after which we hurried to get ready to visit the Pain Clinic at the Abbotsford Hospital. What I thought was going to be a thirty five minutes session took about three and a half hours instead.  Vladika Lazar, who is my designated care giver,  came along and without whose help I would have remembered  almost nothing, was helped by our own Andy who had the  unpleasant task of finding a parking spot. In turn I was visited by a pharmacist, a nurse and an oncologist, each of whom was kind and helpful, all of them being encouraging.  The sky was beginning to get dark by the time we returned and, directly in front of us, was the new male homecare worker who was baffled by the sudden loss of power, not knowing that this happens to us frequently.  After a couple of attempts, the generator was started and we had enough power to run  the computers and the lights. Mikhail Martynenko had been waiting for us with the food he and Vera had prepared, so all went well until just after Mikhail left for home when Vladika Lazar tried to pick up an electric cord and, instead, fell directly behind the relining chair in which I was sitting.  That put such a fright into me that I jumped up and hurried  to his assistance, knowing that I would not have the strength to help him.  This is when I became so proud of him, watching as he turned over on the floor and gradually picked himself up, a feat that he could have accomplished only a few years ago. 

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