How sad it was having to leave our guests, Archbishop Irinee and Father Michael at the dining room table last evening but the pain would not allow me to remain any longer. Earlier in the day Stavroula gave me a vial of lavender oil to help me sleep and, I believe, it produced the desired result. Just as tonight, when I took a short nap, I awoke and I could not tell if it was 7:30 am or pm. I had to shake my head several times to realize that it was early evening, already quite dark outside, yet with several hours ahead before having to retire. Now, returning to this morning, Andy informed us that Stavroula was busy making breakfast for the guests [even though she, herself, is a guest] and soon we all gathered to bid each other farewell.  This is often the most difficult part of a visit, bravely trying to hold back tears of joy, yet fully aware of the comforting promise of future visits. God grant you many years, Vladiko!

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