A large box arrived for us at the post office and, while I was talking to some of the neighbours who were drinking coffee in the general store/post office, the postmistress carried it to the Jeep.  She is kind and most helpful especially in helping old people.  I am most anxious to open the box and try out, or at least have Andy do it, a green method of eradicating weeds , that is, a steam weed  eradicator.  What is nice about it is that no chemicals or poisons are used, making it safe to use anywhere in the garden or orchard.  I do hope that it will be useful, as we have an abundance of weeds, especially wild morning glory.  In years past I enjoyed tackling the various weeds and destroying them, but the time has come when I can no longer do that, so this new acquisition might prove to be of great help.  A brake light was out in the Jeep so I thought that we would have to take it somewhere to have it changed but Daniel said that he could easily do it, which he did.  We are fortunate in having Daniel around these days, since he can speak Romanian and can thus converse with Mother Evstratia, as well as translate for us.

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