What great news we received! There will be a change in the weather and tomorrow it will be cooler by one or perhaps even two degrees!! A change of about ten degrees would really make a difference but, after all, it is summer and crops need this heat, even if humans could do without it. Natasha offered an interesting idea which the monastery approves of.  How about planting a modestly sized herbal and medicinal garden that could include such plants as Saint John’s wort, fireweed, and numerous others.  There might be a slight problem in obtaining seeds or roots to plant but the idea is a good one.  In ancient times, monasteries usually had such medicinal gardens where people could use the plants for approved medicinal purposes.  It can be started modestly and, if it is successful, the garden can be expanded.  Please give this some thought, as long as the work is not left to the monks.  If this idea is agreeable to most, I am certain that there will be volunteers to do the planting and maintaining of such a garden.

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