Thank goodness it has been much cooler today so that it was a pleasure to step outside for a prolonged period.  As usual, Marina and Tatiana arrived at noon to prepare food for us.  Today they made borshch, buckwheat kasha, and fried rainbow trout that had been lying in the freezer for some time.  In addition a fish pie was brought but I am not sure who prepared it.  Liudmila came with them and she quickly began to work doing the laundry, picking berries, weeding and other things.  We supplied a large quantity of cookies and other treats for those who came for the Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  I hope there was enough because someone mentioned that there were a lot of people who showed up.  I watered the plants near the cottage where the nasturtiums have gone rampant in climbing up a trellis.  They are so beautiful that next year I shall plant many more.

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