Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What can I say about today?  Not very much.  It began to snow last night, continued throughout the night and for most of today. Both Andy and Davey came separately to clear our road, but I was not anxious to attempt to drive.  Schools and other institutions were closed and we, too, stayed put, as they say.  Actually, it felt terrible to not even take a step or two outside, so it was much like being in a comfortable prison, but with no fresh air to breathe, and not to hear the crunching of gravel underfoot.  I did some editing and proofing but, alas, my heart was not in either.  Perhaps what bothers me most is that it has not been a productive day.  This idea reminds me of one of our early benefactors, Princess Elena Andiyskaya, who was terribly physically handicapped from her youth, yet at the end of each day she tried to recall at least something positive that she had accomplished and, I suppose, that attitude of hers has helped us to carry on, rain or shine.

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