Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What a feeling of freedom and euphoria I felt as I drove Vladika Lazar for his regular therapy.  Driving along our highway, so familiar and picturesque, it was splendid after having been house bound due to the inclement weather. I sometimes wonder if perhaps I should have been a taxi driver.  Stavroula informed us of the success of their newly established parish in Virginia, and may God grant them many years.  I could hear Vladika Lazar calling out to one of Andy’s dogs, Nine, to come for a dog biscuit, but she was too involved in chasing a raccoon that eventually evaded her by climbing up a tree. As a result, she got neither biscuit nor raccoon.  Father Shio has flown to Calgary to be with the Georgians there for the upcoming feast this Friday, while Andrey is in Toronto for a brief visit with his family.  

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