Monday, February 11, 2019

I found today to be enlightening, as I discovered how difficult it must be for many people to drive to the monastery from downtown Vancouver and even farther.  Taking Vladika Lazar with me as a navigator, we set out for the city with me behind the steering wheel and enjoying it.  There was not a long wait at the clinic, but in those twenty minutes or so, I saw more people than I would see here at the monastery in an entire month.  There was so much bustle, noise, and a feeling of being crowded, something I never experience here at the monastery, and it is no wonder that many tell us of how they find the monastery and its grounds to be peaceful, quiet and calming.  After I parked the vehicle, we began to walk toward the elevator when suddenly Vladika Lazar slipped on  the wet pavement and fell.  I almost had a heart attack, as I envisaged a broken leg or something even much worse. Some Asian people who were nearby came rushing to pick him up and, thank God, he was not injured.  Having finished the tests, I now have to wait for the hip replacement to take place not at the Vancouver General Hospital but rather at the University Hospital.  

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