Today was a typical August day—bright, sunny and hot. We went into town to pick up the Jeep which was repaired at some considerable cost, but at least this was the first time anything major was done to it.  How good it felt to get into it and to drive  back to the monastery.  I baked a prosphora for tomorrow’s Liturgy and it was successful.  While it was in the oven I sauteed a pan full of shredded cabbage that someone brought and which we had with a few other things after Vespers.  I was glad that Father Sebastian volunteered to do the dishes and to clean up in the kitchen, as I was completely exhausted from the heat.  I will ask Vladikia Lazar to put up a photo of some of the kitchen helpers who were here last Sunday and without whose help we would not be able to have the kind of Agape meals that we do have on Sundays.  Bless all these women for their enthusiasm and love of the monastery.  Father Moses claims that his wounds are itching and that it is a sign that they are healing after his fall a few days ago. The main one is on his forehead and, consequently, is very visible but he is patient and it soon will be nothing more than a memory.

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