This day began with Matins for the feast of the Dormition Of The Most Holy Theotokos at eight o’clock and, by ten o’clock when the Divine Liturgy began, there was almost no one in church.  It did not surprise me, as it was midweek and a workday.  Yet, to my astonishment, people began to gather slowly and, before long, it felt like a Sunday service.  Some had taken the day off, while others hurried back to work as soon as the service ended, but the majority stayed for the Agape meal.  Since Father Shio served with Vladika Lazar and Father Sebastian,  one of the little litanies was in Georgian, much to the credit of Deacon Markel who is mastering the pronunciation of Georgian.  It is now close to midnight as I write this entry of the Daily Diary, and, even though I can scarcely keep my eyes open, I had to finish it rather than leaving it for tomorrow, so I wish you all a good night with pleasant dreams!

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