We were informed that the Jeep has completed its stay in the infirmary and it is now ready to be released, so tomorrow it should be back at the monastery where it belongs and in good hands.  It never occurred to me that I could be so attached to a vehicle.  I hope that Father Sevastian is not too bored, as he is  left to himself much of the time, although he did go out to split some wood, just as Mother Evstratia had done.  Perhaps monastics living in Eastern Europe and the Balkans find it quite normal to grab an axe and split wood seemingly with pleasure.  Jonathan has completed the first phase of the church calendar for 2020 and I have checked it for the months of January through to June, and now I am working on a second checking of the first six months before returning the pages for him to correct.  At this rate, it will be the fastest that we have ever completed a calendar.

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