Getting up earlier than usual was not easy but we managed to get everything coordinated.  I had to be at the Cancer Clinic for the second session, so to make a simple story more complicated, three of us ended up at the clinic.  The best news of the day was being visited by the public health nurse who explained my situation much more clearly and precisely than the oncologist and even my family doctor.  It appears that I will be visited by a care person each morning, probably the same one who comes to help Vladika Lazar and that will be encouraging.  The medicine that I have been taking makes me groggy, among other things, so I asked Vladika Lazar to answer calls on my cell phone which makes it much like a personal answering service.  I am still enjoying reliving some of the conversations I had with my relatives this weekend when we talked about family matters that would be of no importance to anyone else, but it can be most satisfying sharing memories of one’s childhood with others who can relate to them.

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