Since I was scarcely out today, there is not much that I can say, however I will add that the Jeep suddenly stalled and a kind young man came to our rescue.  He brought out cables for a quick jump start and the Jeep was revived.  We shall have to look into this problem and perhaps buy a new battery.  We offered him some money for the service but he refused, saying that the pleasure was all his.  How kind, how civilized.  Is it because we are not in a large city, or what else could the reason be?  At any rate, I was touched by that gesture, even though we could have called out the B.C. Automobile Association to rescue us.  I walked out to see what had been done yesterday to the bramble bushes and it was amazing to see the giant rocks once again.  I understand that more will be done to cut back this invasive wild berry bush. Once again, many thank to all those who worked so hard to bring various parts of the yard into some sort of order

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