Wow, what a day.  I slept poorly last night, so I came to church while the first antiphon was already being sung, so I was given a chair next to the kliros where I sat quietly and joined the singers as best as I could.  Meanwhile, Vladika had come early and asked Father Victor and Father Deacon Markel to serve alone.  The result was magnificent.  Father Victor was used to a slightly different way of serving, but he did splendidly, and Vladika and I sat back to allow the younger clergy to carry on.  Moreover, it felt like a Sunday service with the number of people present and the amount that received Holy Communion.  All in all, it was such a joyous service and, after the Agape meal, we served a full memorial service at which a large number of people attended.  In fact, they asked if we could do it again at the next service.   After my tumble yesterday, I had to serve while seated and I used crutches to get around, not that it was so serious, but because I did not wish to lose my balance. There was much activity for the rest of the day which ended with a feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction.

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