This day began with us trying to dig ourselves out of the mounds of containers, bags, boxes, etc of food that were donated to us by so many kind people who must have felt that we were starving or famished to say the least.  Our first visitors of the day, Archbishop Irinee and Father Michael Fourik, arrived before one o’clock and, after a visit that lasted a couple of hours, we were called to the dining room by the women who were preparing the meal, assisted by Father Michael. We practise healthy democracy in the kitchen, as it was evident when Stavroula joined the other women [and Father Michael] to prepare lunch and to set the table, where guests also were put to work.  This was so enjoyable that I overstayed my welcome as was evident when I had to take emergency medication to kill the pain and to hurry back to the cottage to have a rest.  The pain soon began to abate although I could no longer disguise the pain and, consequently, I missed supper.  I hope that our visitors will have a comfortable sleep and I shall certainly see them once more before they leave in the morning.  I am anxious to try out the new pillow filled with dried hops which, in theory, should make it easier to sleep at night with no dreaming of ale and beer which often use hops.  If I remember, I shall inform you of the unscientific investigation  

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