We were delighted to hear from Ekaterina and Mikhail who informed us of their exhibit of Orthodox churches in Alberta.  The photography is astounding and so absolutely different from what one would see at ground level.  Very well done!  Check out ФОТОГАЛЕРЕЯ. Православные храмы Альберты (Канада) с высоты птичьего полета / Православие.Ru  to see this work.  On a somewhat different note, I saw my specialist who prescribed stronger pain killers which I will begin taking tonight.  I would ask everyone not to phone me because today, for example, there was a constant stream of telephone calls. You already know how much I love you all and to hear from you, but it is emotionally exhausting to be reminded again and again about my illness.  Instead, would you please just say a prayer for me. For the next while, Vladika Lazar will be taking calls on my cell phone.  God bless you all.

ФОТОГАЛЕРЕЯ. Православные храмы Альберты (Канада) с высоты птичьего поле…Эти храмы построили православные переселенцы, иммигрировавшие в Канаду на рубеже XIX–XX веков. Условия жизни был…

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