What a difference it made to have slept soundly as I did last night.  Probably by ordinary standards it was not  very sound but I was pleased that I awoke only three or four times during the night instead of the usual countless ones.  On the other hand, I felt groggy much of the day and really accomplished little.  Monica brought a box full of her organic vegetables.  We ate a giant kohlrabi, then sampled a winter, or black, radish the size of a football.  Both are root vegetables and might not appeal to everyone, but I like their crispiness and slightly peppery taste.  She also brought us organic cabbage and beets which we will use later on.  Father Moses informed me that there was a small excavator near the kitchen windows, no doubt Davey trying to reach the break in the sewer line.  I hope that it can be repaired easily. 

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