I do not wish to continue writing about health issues but in today’s diary entry I will mainly talk about Vladika Lazar and his appointments.  He first visited his doctor who told him, after the examination, that he was in a healthy state, cancer free, with good blood pressure etc. and this news was received with happiness.  He then visited the dentist who gave him some advice and this was followed by a stop at the clinic of a sports trainer where certain procedures are used, not found in ordinary physiotherapy clinics.  All this was tiring, of course, but very uplifting.  I accompanied him just for the sake of going somewhere and not being shut up all day.  A few young volunteers kept digging throughout much of the day, trying to reach the problem with the sewer line and, if I am not mistaken, they found it, so I am not sure what will be the next step.  Recently someone gave us a bag of tiny mandarin oranges, so small in fact, that they are not much larger than the tip of one’s thumb, nevertheless, they are tasty and one can eat them by the handful.                    

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