Thursday, April 18, 2019

A while ago I went to the kitchen in the main building and found what our very kind Thursday morning ladies prepared for us.  A large pot of mushroom and pearl barley soup was cooling on the stove, while Father Moses was looking at a green tossed salad and some small potatoes with dill.  Some members of Narcotics Anonymous  had arrived early to make a fire in the wood burning stove that is in the fireplace.  We know how much they like sitting around a crackling fire with the doors of the stove open, and with the appealing scent of burning wood and a trace of smoke. Perhaps one day we shall not be able to have such wood burning stoves, as it will be considered too much of a source of pollution.  For those of you who are not aware of, or have never seen the three fireplaces  in the main building, they are massive, of large stones and three floors high. The first and second floor fireplaces are functioning, while the one on the third floor has been converted into a massive background for a large icon of Jesus Christ, as this is where the old church is located.

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