Wednesday, April 17, 2019

After mentioning yesterday’s soup, Anya and some others asked for a recipe.  Actually, there is no such recipe. The basic ingredients consisted of: potatoes, onion, garlic, carrot, and chopped stinging nettles and dandelion leaves added near the end [to keep them from getting too soft and mushy]. I added lovage [liubistok or leustean] and a few other herbs, but there is a secret for this soup and almost any other soup.  To give the soup some body and flavour, add a can of white northern beans or even white kidney beans and, toward the end, another can of the same beans, only mashed and stirred into the soup. I was told this many decades ago by a Russian princess whose family always used this method in preparing lenten soups.  As for the rest, experiment with various herbs and spices until you reach the combination that you and your family will enjoy. We were given some sorrel leaves today and they are  excellent  when added to such soups.  The Presanctified Liturgy was well attended even though it is the middle of a working week and the last one will be served on Friday.

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