A couple of days ago I mentioned that it might be a good idea to have a herbal and medicinal garden in the future since we have a lot of space for such an experiment.  The first positive comment came from Larisa who is now visiting in Moscow and there have been no negative comments.  We already have the healing herb plantain growing everywhere here at the monastery, as well as lemon balm, dandelions, and nettles.  I have seen yarrow and chicory growing along the roadside that could easily be transplanted.  At one time we also had St. John’s wort and three types of mint, so we could get off to a good start by planting them as well.   On many occasions I have seen people pick plantain leaves here to take home for medicinal purposes.  There are also some bushes growing along our road that have berries that are used medicinally but they would be too large for a small herbal garden.  Perhaps this is only a daydream, but I think that you will admit, a nice one. 

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