The GMC Envoy was brought back to the monastery today, after a new set of winter tires had been ordered and installed. The old ones were becoming bald and, whenever it rained, the tires began to skid, which was an important  message to have them changed.  Throughout the winter we get  periods of rain or snow, sometimes both at the same time and then the roads are dangerous.  They become slick and applying the brakes can be a problem but with winter tires, much of this is avoided.  Although they were expensive, they are very necessary; and crashes and other accidents can be avoided.  It is again that time of the year when people are enthralled with the macabre and children can be seen going from house to house, or from store to store in the city, asking for treats.  It would be splendid if such children [actually their parents] could exhibit such enthusiasm in bringing church life into their lives. 

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