I had to pick up my medication at the hospital and, since it was past noon, we stopped at a diner to have lunch.  Since smoking is not allowed in restaurants and cafes, half a dozen burly looking men stood outside near the entrance, all smoking and looking almost menacing.  Yet, as we approached the entrance, a couple of them rushed to open the door for us which I found  unusual in this day and age and, as we were leaving, some other men did the same.  One would not have expected such behaviour from these rough looking labourers in soiled overalls and safety vests, once again proving that one cannot be judged by his outward appearance.   I received a call from my nephew who is here from Edmonton on a business trip.  He had enough time to drop in for a short visit that was most enjoyable, with us reliving days past.  Since I have few relatives, it was most rewarding to relive the past and recall various relatives, both the living and the departed.

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