This was a perfect day to do some transplanting, so Jonathan took the two  potted sour cherry trees and put them in front of the cottage next to the small fig tree which will have to be moved elsewhere.  If we live long enough and if the trees survive, we shall be able to look out onto the cherry trees and be reminded of Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard”, although on a much smaller scale, and I could ask someone to  bake some sour cherry piroshki that I could enjoy them with a little sour cream, or as my grandfather used to say, “You cannot have just a little sour cream.”  The Vespers service was intimate, quiet and simple with only us monastics present which contrasted with the Narcotics Anonymous meeting that took place in the hall where fifty two people were present, the largest number gathered thus far.  And so, another day has ended and we look forward to tomorrow’s Divine Liturgy on the feast  of the Elevation Of The Cross.

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