It has been a pleasantly cool day, the kind that Father Moses insists is found in San Diego and perhaps he is right.  The leaves are beginning to change colour and a change in the weather is perceptible.  I hurried to make a couple of prosphoras and, in my haste, I forgot to add the  yeast to the dough until, halfway through the kneading process, I noticed the yeast sitting at the far edge of the table.  Hoping for the best, I add the yeast and kept on kneading and, I must admit, the prosphoras came out quite well.  Just before they were taken out of the oven, Glyko drove up, having just returned from a two month visit to her son in Switzerland.  He has been a university professor there for a number of years and especially enjoys living in Geneva.  Together with friends they spent some time in Venice, but now that she is back home, life has resumed its familiar pace.

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