I must have slept soundly because the very first thing I remember this morning is opening my left eye [I have no idea why I did not open both eyes at the same time] and seeing the a home care  lady looking down at me and calling me by name.  In a jiffy I was up and sitting at the swivel chair, ready for all that she was going to do for me.  It often makes me feel as if I were in kindergarten, listening to commands such as “Now lift your right arm” or “Lift both legs” or “Now brush your teeth” but after you get used to that and realize that they are doing their best to help you, it all becomes meaningful and you can appreciate their help.  Father Shio has gone to Toronto for a week and Andy has been feeling unwell, so it feels rather quiet here.  I must say that Father Shio’s study of the English language is paying off, as it is possible to have simple  conversations with him.  He undoubtedly would agree that English is one of the difficult languages to learn, except for those of us who were born and raised here.  Vladika Lazar has gone to attend the regular meeting of the N A, so Father Moses and I will go into the next room to sit at the table next to the glass door to enjoy our evening tea.  

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