Although we are at the very end of the month of December and the end of 2019, one can still  notice how the year is struggling not to give up, an example of which are the potted flowers defying the cold and continuing to send forth the occasional flower.   As well, we have not had any snow although I expect that some morning I shall wake up to see a heavy blanket of snow outside, mind you, where else would it be?  I suppose the highlight of the day was convincing Father Moses to go with me to the Post Office.  I have not driven for a few weeks because I often felt groggy but the past  few days my mind has been as clear as a whistle, so we set out on our little journey.  An order of candles was waiting to be picked up at the Post Office and, after picking up the first class mail, we went across the road to Michael’s Cafe for a coffee.  It has been a couple of years since Father Moses has been to this local cafe and it felt like returning to visit an old friend.  From there we drove to the neighbouring village of Deroche and to its general store for some basic purchases.  What I am trying to say is that I had a feeling of complete freedom in being able to drive the Jeep once more and feel like the countless eagles that soar above us.    

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