This morning I was at the Cancer Clinic’s pharmacy to pick up some medicine and I was amazed to see a most beautiful white poodle sitting behind the reception desk.  Apparently  it belongs to the hospital and it visits people who would like comfort  from a receptive animal.  I just stood in amazement and admiration at this most wondrous creature that looked so intelligent.  Yes, animals can have more compassion for others than do many people!  The prosphora I baked for Sunday’s service was so large that it could suffice for two hundred people or even more.  There was no reason for making it that large, but I do not use measurements, which is why no two prosphoras are alike.  We picked up several icons from Laminart, one of our favourite places for icon reproductions: two very large ones of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, a splendid one of Saint Dymphna, and one large and several smaller ones of Protopop Avvakum.  The man at Laminart wondered if we had any space left on the walls of our church, considering that we have had so many of them done there.  

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