Father Moses and I saw a delightful sight as two Canada geese slowly waddled their way along the side of the road together with two tiny goslings. Soon we will see more such sights, as for example, the herons and various summer birds. Of course there will be sad moments as well when we discover that the coyotes had killed some ducklings, or birds’ eggs are destroyed by scavengers, yet enough survive to bring us much joy. It is sunset and the robins are chirping loudly to one another, while at night I can hear various sounds as I lie in bed, the sound of coyotes yelping, especially when a train whistle is heard, or an occasional owl, but the crows and ravens are not to be heard at night. The water in our streams is rising rapidly, but I doubt that we will have any flooding this year, at least I hope so, for enough damage was done in the winter storm.

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