This day unfolded quietly and I was not in a rush to drive Vladika Lazar to the clinic, but we were somewhat pressed for time. Just as we approached the main road, several large gravel trucks , a truck loaded with logs and a slow tractor blocked our way so, that by the time we ourselves got on the main road, I could tell that we would be late for the appointment.Because of the heavy traffic, I could not pass any vehicle, so we slowly proceeded on our way. It was fortunate that we could take a shortcut and that is where I stepped on the gas, as the saying goes. We reached the clinic only five minutes late, by which time the heavy rain had stopped and I found a handicap parking stall. Upon returning to the monastery we prepared for the baptism of three adult siblings. How inspiring it was to have the three become newly illuminated and they themselves were very touched by this service.

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