Sunday, May 12, 2019

Today was an unusual Sunday in that many of our regular worshippers were absent, the first time in many weeks but, on the other hand,  many people came for the first time, including a large group of Serbs.  Actually, I would like to ask a couple of women to volunteer to clean the large candle holders and be responsible for keeping them clean.  Wax builds up on them easily and there must be someone to look after them.  How about “Adopt a candle holder?” I also noticed that the drawers at the back of the church have become so overfilled that they have come off their tracks.  Please be careful.  We bade farewell to Deacon Markel’s and Galina’s parents who will fly home to Moldova this week.  It was a joy to have had them here, especially for Pascha.  Marina brought a large bouquet of lilacs, both lilac and purple in colour, giving an age old scent that can never be forgotten.  In fact, it always reminds me of my childhood when our hedge of lilacs filled the yard with this heavenly scent, informing us that summer is already arriving. 

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