Saturday, May 11, 2019

A few Georgians came early in the morning to continue working on the pavilion, and they were joined by others who came throughout the day.  Davey brought his Bobcat to cut down the bush that bordered on the pavilion, so that one could see that much progress had been made today.  After serving a memorial for an elderly woman whose children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren were in attendance, we were invited to a light memorial meal that had the obligatory blini.  Vespers was served in the church, hot that it was, with both Father Moses and I fanning ourselves at the kliros.  At tea time we became acquainted with a young couple who came here for the first time, again enjoying the leftover blini and vegetable pies from the memorial meal.  Life has become much more bearable since the air conditioner was installed the other day.  Without it we would feel that we were slowly roasting in an oven.  

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