Sunday, February 10, 2019

Would we lose our power again today?  You will find out in a minute.  Most people came to church wearing their warmest jackets and coats, gloves and scarves, all of which were necessary for the cold weather, as the wind was still blowing strongly.  I was amazed to see how many braved the weather.  All went well until we began the Agape meal.  Since the upper end of the hall was poorly lit, I asked Asya to turn on the light as she was sitting next to the switch.  No sooner had she turned it on when everything became dark—another power shortage.  We managed to finish the meal with no problem, but soon complaints began to be heard. There was no water to wash the dishes and, much more important, the toilets could not be flushed.  What was to be done?  As it happened, Andy was in the parking lot when I phoned him and he came rushing over to see what could be done.  The generator was started and water, at least, was available.  Some people went with Vladika Lazar to his office for the Meleti, while some of us went to the new church  to practise singing.  After a while someone cried out, “The lights are on!”  What a relief that was.  Now, snow is falling gently and tomorrow I have to be in Vancouver, so we shall see how we will get there.  I must admit that I worry too much about such things, but God is merciful and I am certain that all will be well—and, if not, it will be an interesting experience.     

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