Saturday, February 9, 2019

The evil and piecing wind that began last night did not let up at all.  At about five in the morning we lost our power but it returned quickly then, throughout the rest of the day, we kept losing it, sometimes for only a minute or two, other times even less until evening when it abandoned us for over two hours.  Once it returned I hastened to write this diary, fearing that there might be another power outage at any time.  Apparently there were thousands of homes without electricity in the entire valley which is not surprising, considering the intensity of the wind.  Three of us showed up for Vespers—Father Moses, Kyrill and I, and I must confess that we did hurry through the service, as it was wretchedly cold in church.  Thereupon we bustled to the warmth of the kitchen where we ate some leftovers, then hurried to our quarters to keep warm, not knowing, of course, that we would soon lose our  power once more.

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