This is the last day of the month and the middle of the long weekend, since it is Canada Day or, as it was called in my youth, Dominion Day.  Of course this meant that many people would be away camping for the weekend with good weather blessing them, yet enough came to church, including some people for the first time.  By the way, the mystery of the pizza cutters was finally solved.  Misha was afraid that the sharp blades might cause someone to cut themselves, so he tucked them under the cutlery tray. This means that now we have three of them, including two pizza knives that appeared from nowhere and of the kind that I have never seen, probably in response to my complaint about the loss of the cutters.  When the Apostles’ Fast is over, we shall have to bake several pizzas in honour of their discovery. Why bother with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day when we can have a jolly Pizza Day! The first blueberries were picked although another week or two are needed for the beginning of good picking.

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